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This part of my website is designed for callers who are participating in a Central Sierra Caller School (CSCS), or for those who are interested in taking the Lessons contained in this school's curriculum. If you are a CSCS participant, you are already Registered. You can use the registration credentials given to you to Login to this members-only area.

Studying remotely gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, avoiding the information overload that is part of normal multi-day caller school. If you are not attending a CSCS school but would like to study the Lessons remotely, you must first Register here. If you want to check out the content first before registering, click the 'See Member Area Content' button above. The Registration fee is $40 through PayPal (safe, secure, and you can use your credit card) and includes your first two Lessons. Once you Register, you will return and Login. At that time you can view and select your individualized course curriculum. Each lesson is a 3 to 7 page explanation of the lesson objectives and content, and video(s) presentation of the lesson to further explain lesson content and show methods.The cost of each additional lesson is $20, payable through PayPal.

Registration gives you access to this website which includes the first two lessons, opportunity to acquire access to additional lessons, access to dozens of white papers and technical documents used as reference material for the lessons, over 10 hours of videos associated with the lessons. In addition, as a subscriber, you have me as your mentor. I am available to answer questions, give precise direction and guidance, and critique your calling by examining mp3 files and commenting on the content.We can also schedule indiviual Zoom sessons to help with your training. With prior notice, telephone conferences may also be arranged at our mutual convenience.

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